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Lead Singer looking for band mates!!!

I absolutely love singing and performing on stage, and would like to form up a band and get my music started.The band needs electric guitar,bass guitar,and drums. If you play any of these instruments and love rocking out and having fun doing it then contact me! (ages 13-17 only) <3 The style of music we play is mostly rock, alternative,hard rock, and some progressive.

Posted By : Lisa
Post Date: 06/19/2013

Location: Canyon Country, CA
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Posted By : SzNJNscILaKehqmDDy
Post Date: 04/03/2013

Location: Southport, CA
Category: Home : Canada Musician Classifieds :

Rebels Romance (Modern/Alt Rock) Looking For A BASS PLAYER

Rebels Romance is seeking a melodic bass player. We are an alt/modern rock band in the vein of Muse, U2 and The Killers. We have A LOT of material professionally produced and recorded.

We are looking for a permanent member (not a hired gun) who will complement our sound. Must have pro gear and transportation, and a great attitude.

We rehearse in a monthly lockout and have shows booked. Check out our Facebook and Reverbnation below for some of our tunes and get in touch in Facebook or Email.



Posted By : Rebels Romance
Post Date: 03/18/2013

Location: North Hollywood, CA
Category: Home : Canada Musician Classifieds :

guitarist &or bassist wntd

I'm the former singer for a successfully local touring band, which had several tunes in rotation. Since our band split last year, I've been busy writing and jammed with a few guys until our bassist dropped out. Although, the drummer is still available, I am looking for some skilled musicians who have at least 2-3 hours/wk to get down a live set of originals, (hard rock to mellow) and possibly some remakes. The final sound may not be like the following listed influences and will obviously be shaped by the final lineup. If your influences don’t exactly align then that’s a good thing and brings more to the palette. Writing influences are rock: shinedown; zep; foo fighters; bush; Sabbath; godsmack; and even a bit of motown. You can hear some basic pre-production clips here. I have several other tunes in production, but need to record em, (would prefer to wait until the line-up is solid). I'm in Shadow Hills and, am usually writing, rehearsing and recording in my studio most days from late afternoon until mid-evening and would like to utilize some of that time collaborating with the guitarist and/or bassist so we can this show on the road!!
If that's you, please lemme know.

Posted By : randel
Post Date: 03/14/2013

Location: Shadow Hills, CA
Category: Home : Canada Musician Classifieds :

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